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2 Client Bases - "All buyers of BOPP & BOPET films in Uzbekistan and purchases"

All consumers of BOPP films of Uzbekistan

Where to find new clients and increase own sales?

We suggest - Uzbekistan does not have its own production of BOPET & BOPP Films. Only import. And very high demand.

  386 companies and individuals from Uzbekistan purchased BOPP & BOPET films for $ 65.0 million!  


 How to get all these companies?

We have collected them all in one 2 Client Bases, and prepared a Report for you: «All Buyers of BOPP & BOPET Films in Uzbekistan and their purchases». So, now you don’t need to wait for clients to find you.

   In this Report you will find:              

  • 386 real buyers who imported BOPET films to Uzbekistan in 2017 - 2019 (36 months).
  • Information on each purchase of BOPP & BOPET film – date, film specifications, price, volume, supplier/manufacturer, country and etc.
  • All possible contacts of each buyer - emails, web sites, phones (whatsapp, telegram), postal address, name of director - and now they will not get anywhere from you.


  With this Report you can:                 

  • Save your time and money - long search for new clients and advertising costs are now in past. Start selling right away.
  • Increase own Client Base - in just a few minutes you will have more than 380 new real clients, with a budget  $65.0 million for Your BOPP & BOPET films! 
  • Get clients interested in your products - Having data on past purchases of customers, you can create a better offer and conditions  for them than your competitors. And having all the contacts of new buyers, you will certainly deliver your great commercial offer to top managers.
  • Increase your Sales - More than 380 new buyers + Your great proposal for them = New signed contracts.


  You will have 386 New Clients from all over the country!   

Start selling to your new clients: 

  • Includes names, All contact data and information on imported BOPP & BOPET films.
  • • 386 buyers of BOPP & BOPET films
  • • Contact information (postal address, phones (whatsapp, telegram), emails, website, name of director)
  • • Description of purchased BOPP & BOPET
  • • Date, purchase prices and volume
  • • Seller Name and Country of origin
  • BONUS! Additional list of 80 local companies, possibly using BOPP film in their own production, but not listed as importers of BOPP, may purchase BOPP film from large importers.

  • price $399
    only $ 1,0 per new client
  • -------------------------- --------------------------
  • Light version of the Marketing Report. Contains only the name of the buyers and all contact data.
  • • 386 buyers of BOPP & BOPET films
  • • Contact information (postal address, phones (whatsapp, telegram), emails, website, name of director)
  • -------
  • -------
  • -------
  • -------

  • price $139
    only $ 0.36 per new client
  • -------------------------- --------------------------


Form of payment:  PayPal,  Credit Card,  Bank transfer,  Western Union


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