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Client Base - "All buyers of BOPP films in Uzbekistan and purchases"

All consumers of BOPP films of Uzbekistan

 Where to find new clients and increase own sales?

We suggest - Uzbekistan does not have its own production of BOPP Films. Only import. And very high demand.

  158 companies from Uzbekistan purchased BOPP films for $ 53.4 million  

Imports of BOPP films to Uzbekistan in 2020 increased by 13.6%, even during the pandemic and economic crisis.import of bopp film to Uzbekistan

 How to get all these companies?

We have collected them all in one Client Base, and prepared a Report for you:  «All Buyers of BOPP Films in Uzbekistan and their purchases». So, now you don’t need to wait for clients to find you.

  In this Report you will find:              

  • 158 real buyers who imported BOPP films to Uzbekistan in 2018 - 2020 (36 months).
  • Information on each purchase of BOPP film – date, film specifications, price, volume, supplier/manufacturer, country and etc.
  • All possible contacts of each buyer - emails, web sites, phones (whatsapp, telegram), postal address, names of director - and now they will not get anywhere from you.


  With this Report you can:                 

  • Save your time and money - long search for new clients and advertising costs are now in past. Start selling right away.
  • Increase own Client Base - in just a few minutes you will have more than 150 new real clients, with a budget $53.4 million for Your BOPP films!
  • Get clients interested in your products - Having data on past purchases of customers, you can create a better offer and conditions  for them than your competitors. And having all the contacts of new buyers, you will certainly deliver your great commercial offer to top managers.
  • Increase your Sales - More than 150 new buyers + Your great proposal for them = New signed contracts.


  You will have 158 New Clients from all over the country, where the demand for your films is growing from year to year!!   

   Start selling to your new clients:

  • Includes names, All contact data and information on imported BOPP films.
  • • 158 buyers of BOPP films
  • • Contact information (postal address, phones (whatsapp, telegram), emails, website, name of director)
  • • Description of purchased BOPP
  • • Date, purchase prices and volume
  • • Seller Name and Country of origin
  • BONUS! Additional list of 80 local companies, possibly using BOPP film in their own production, but not listed as importers of BOPP, may purchase BOPP film from large importers.

  • price $250
    only $ 1.6 per new client
  • -------------------------- --------------------------
  • Light version of the Marketing Report. Contains only the name of the buyers and all contact data.
  • • 158 buyers of BOPP films
  • • Contact information (postal address, phones (whatsapp, telegram), emails, website, name of director)
  • -------
  • -------
  • -------
  • -------

  • price $90
    only $ 0.57 per new client
  • -------------------------- --------------------------


Form of payment:  PayPal,  Credit Card,  Bank transfer,  Western Union


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