What in Base?

What's in our Client Bases

Description of purchased products

Now you will know the all assortment of products that clients purchase. And you will be able to offer them all the same, and not just what they sometimes ask you.

Price for 1 unit, Purchase volumes, Purchase amount

Knowing at what prices clients buy products, you can offer them more favorable conditions. Or at similar prices, offer better quality products than your competitors. And knowing the volume of the purchase, you can offer discounts. So, to maximize the interest of new customers.

Supplier (manufacturer) / country

Сompetitors that are currently supplying their products to your new clients. By studying these companies and their products, you can create a more effective commercial proposal. You will be able to show more advantageous positions in your own offer (quality, prices, discounts, etc.).

Product registration date

You will know the relevance of each client. Also, the frequency of purchases - will allow you to calculate when a particular company will need your products.

Company name

Legal and brand names of your clients' companies. It is always important and useful to see a company from different angles.

Head of the company

Usually you contact and receive requests for your products from ordinary employees who have minimal authority to decide whether to buy something from you or not. Knowing the head of the company, you can directly give your offer. Moreover, in general, the head is aware of what prices and from whom exactly purchases are made in their company at the moment. But now you also will know it. And you will be able to offer them more favorable terms than their current suppliers.

Phone, Telegram, WhatsApp

We have collected for you all possible contact phone numbers and messengers of your new clients. Even if you fail to contact your clients by email, you can always send your advantageous offer by telegram or whatsapp. Moreover, this channel is also very effective - you can send your proposal directly to the director and communicate online, until signing a contract for the supply of your products.

Email, Website

Having of clients emails will help you not only deliver an individual and profitable offer to each customer, but also organize a regular email newsletter. Where you will inform all new and potential customers about your new arrivals, discounts, promotions. There are also websites of companies where you can find other information you are interested in that will help you sell your products profitably.

Postal address

Knowing the mailing address of clients gives you additional opportunities to increase the sales of your goods. While your competitors simply send by email everyone the same type of offers, you send samples of your products to new clients by postal. After sending, find out when the client received the parcel in his hands (by tracking). And the next day, call the phones indicated in the Report, write by email or whatsapp, sending them your more advantageous offer than the one they are purchasing now. Having samples and more favorable conditions on hand, the choice in your direction will be obvious.

Company registration date, TIN

The older the company is, the more stable and reliable it is. Also congratulate the management on the day the company was founded by offering them personalized discounts during this period.

OKED code (type of activity), Charter capital

Knowing the exact type of customer activity, you can more accurately build your strategy for communicating with them and promoting your products. For example, manufacturers have some conditions, wholesale companies have different conditions.